Young Dolph Murder Suspect Still On The Run Despite Plan To Turn Himself In

Young Dolph’s murder suspect is still on the run, despite claiming he would turn himself in by today.

Source: Jason Mendez / Getty

The Young Dolph murder case is getting closer and closer to being solved, thanks to the US Marshalls and Tennessee police. This weekend, both agencies announced they have a suspect they are looking for in relation to Dolph’s murder. The suspect is 23-year-old Justin Johnson, also known as rapper Straight Drop.

Johnson already has a warrant for a violation of his federal supervised release and is now wanted by the TBI for first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and theft of property, as well. There is a $15,000 reward for his capture and up to $15,00 for information that leads to his arrest. Once Johnson heard the news, he took to social media to announce he would be turning himself in.

As most predicted, he hasn’t turned himself in as of yet. After posting he would turn himself in, he shared an interview with Judge Christopher Craft explaining why he was even free after a 2017 shooting he admitted to and plead guilty. As for why he posted it, we may never know, but it’s very odd for one of the most wanted men in America to worry about content at a time when the walls are closing in.

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