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Like most Swifties, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t mess around when it comes to Taylor Swift sleuthing. The 32-year-old pop star is notorious for leaving a trail of Easter egg clues leading up to each of her new album announcements, and on the Thursday (May 12) episode of The Tonight Show, the late-night host was determined to dissect them all.


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See latest videos, charts and news

It’s been six months since Swift dropped Red (Taylor’s Version), the second of her older albums that she’s re-recorded and re-released in an effort to take back ownership of her masters, and fans everywhere are growing impatient for her to reveal which album is coming next. Many of them have concluded that one of her latest music videos — plus some interesting activity on her website — implies that a Taylor’s Version of either 2014’s 1989 or 2010’s Speak Now is on its way, a theory Fallon vehemently argued during his latest opening monologue.

“The clues are everywhere, Tariq,” he told a skeptical-looking Tariq Trotter, one of the Roots’ band members.

Fallon then dove right into his theories, tripping over his words with the candor of a mad scientist explaining his life’s work. “There’s a wedding cake, and on the cake there are the numbers 13 and 26,” he began, citing the cake in Swift’s I Bet You Think About Me video. “Follow?”

“Yeah, no,” Trotter replied.

“Thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number,” Fallon explained. “And this Friday, May 13, is 26 weeks from the release date of Red (Taylor’s Version).”

He then moved on to a different chunk of evidence — the clues seemingly littered throughout the “All Too Well” singer’s online merchandise store, which recently unveiled a line of products called “The Old Taylor Collection.” The collection includes throwback clothing pieces themed around both 1989 and Speak Now, and moreover, a signed copy of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is on sale for $19.89.

“Get it? $19.89?” Fallon told a perplexed Trotter. “1989! But also Red (Taylor’s Version) was listed on sale on her store for 20 dollars and 10 cents, in purple text! Are you even listening? The original Speak Now was released in 2010, in the cover of that album she’s wearing a purple dress!”

“It can’t be any more obvious,” the comedian concluded, leading Trotter to remind him: “You know you’re 47 years old, right?”

“Yeah but I’m 47, Jimmy’s Version,” he replied, earning cheers from his audience. “Yeah, I said it!”

Watch Jimmy Fallon put on his Swiftie detective cap on to deduce which Taylor’s Version album might be next below:

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