Giants have ‘no choice’ but to fire Joe Judge

Joe Judge proudly asserted that the Giants are not a “clown show organization,” and yet, no one is being laughed at more than Judge’s Giants.

Several ESPN talking heads took delight in ripping the Giants head coach to shreds and saying team owners John Mara and Steve Tisch have “no choice” but to fire Judge after two shaky seasons.

“This is a proud franchise. And this fan base deserves a heck of a lot better, and so does the owners of the Giants and everybody else,” former Jets coach Rex Ryan said.

Ryan added that the Giants don’t want to keep cycling through coaches every two years but “they have no choice but to get rid of this guy.”

Rex Ryan coached the Jets between 2009-14.
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Two straight quarterback sneaks from Jake Fromm on second- and third-and-long, an all-out offensive surrender, during Sunday’s 22-7 loss to Washington have become the defining snapshots thus far of the Judge era.

Ryan Clark, briefly a Giants defensive back before a long career with Pittsburgh, called Judge “Timmy Toughnuts” and criticized him for displaying a toughness during postgame news conferences that is unseen on the field.

“How about you be tough during the game and actually stop somebody? How about you be tough during the game and actually score friggin’ points?” Clark said Monday on “Get Up!”

Joe Judge
Joe Judge’s two seasons with the Giants have seen the team consistently struggle.

“I am so tired of Joe Judge. I wouldn’t hate the Giants so much if I didn’t hate Joe Judge so much. If he didn’t wake up like he was all swole and he was all big and bad all the damn time — and lose every friggin’ game,” Clark added.

“I wouldn’t be upset if he was humble, if he wasn’t arrogant, if he didn’t act like he was Bill Belichick. You know what he is? Bill Belichick your ass out of the stadium because he’s sorry as hell.”

Ryan said Judge has “embarrassed” the organization as he became the first Giants head coach to lose six straight games by double digits. However, he was especially riled up because Judge, in making his case to stay, dragged down others. There were shots at Pat Shurmur’s Giants reign and a veiled criticism of Washington’s Ron Rivera, as Judge said his struggling team at least did not have to deal with fistfights.

“When he attacked these other franchises, the Washington Football team in particular, about this and this and going off on other organizations — and then you lose to them,” Ryan said. “You’re lucky that Ron Rivera didn’t see how tough you were. Because Ron I’m sure would’ve whipped you right in front of everybody.”

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