Best Cash Out Betting Sites 2022

Our betting expert presents the best cash out betting sites in 2022. Find out which online sportsbooks give you the cash out options, including partial cash outs and live streaming. 

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More on the Best Cash Out Betting Sites

What is a Cash Out? 

Cash out is a feature offered by some betting sites that lets you settle your bet before the end of the event you are betting on in return for a cash out value offered by the sportsbook. 

The cash out value is determined by how likely or unlikely your bet is to win, but will always be lower than the amount you would win were the bet to be settled at the end of the event. 

Some sportsbooks may use a different name for the cash out option, but most will offer it in some form. For example, some betting sites may use ‘buy out’ or ‘early settlement.’ Whatever it is called, it works in the same way across all betting sites. 

For example, if you place a bet at odds of +100 for the New York Giants to beat Philadelphia Eagles. A $100 wager would return $200 ($100 profit + your stake). 

The Giants are up by one touchdown with four minutes left in the game, you are in a decent position to win the bet; however, you are slightly concerned that the Eagles still have time to come back. You don’t want to risk losing too much money, so you choose to use the cash out feature.

As the bet was going well, the sportsbook payout would likely be good at the time you decided to cash out. You would likely be offered a cash out of $140 – $160, a profit from your original stake. You would miss out on the overall payout, but you would still earn a profit should the Eagles come back and win. 

Sportsbooks with cash out options are popular among sports bettors as they offer an element of excitement and give them the chance to guarantee some profits. Moreover, you can also reduce your losses and at least take something from the bet, which is vital in the online gambling world.

Once you place a bet, cash out is offered while the event is ongoing, so it can also be viewed as a live betting feature. However, cash outs could also be offered halfway through the season on long-term futures bets, such as the Super Bowl winner or NBA Champion.

Best Cash Out Betting Sites Features

The table below outlines some of the key features of the best cash out betting sites and the sportsbooks where you can find them. Scroll down to find out more.

Site Live Streaming Partial Cash Out Parlay Insurance Cash Out
FanDuel X
Caesars X
BetRivers X X

Partial Cash Out

Partial Cash Out is where you only cash out part of your stake and leave the rest on the bet. It can give you more control over your betting. 

Using partial cash out would split them into two different bets: one which you have now cashed out and is completed, and another that is still dependent on the final result.

Partial cash out is a feature not offered by many sportsbooks, so it is worth checking which sites do offer partial cash out. 


The live streaming feature allows bettors to watch the game they are betting on. On the online sportsbook site, the game will be shown while you make your selections for in-play bets. 

Watching the game also can help your evaluation of whether to cash out or not. Live streaming is often included free of charge once you’ve placed a bet, with all the sites in this piece offering the live streaming feature.

Best Cash Out Betting Sites Ranked

1. BetMGM 

Live Streaming Cash Out Partial Cash Out App Available

BetMGM are right up there as the best cash out betting sites, with a fast interface and plentiful betting options, allowing you to cash out your bets with ease.

They are also one of the very few online betting sites which offer a partial cash out, a great feature which gives bettors a further cash out betting option. At BetMGM, this feature is called ‘Edit my Bet’.

Available for any straight or parlay bet with Cash Out available, Edit My Bet allows you to add a selection, remove a selection, swap a selection, and/or increase your stake. To see if a bet is eligible for edit, visit the My Bets section of your account and click Edit Bet on the bet card you wish to edit.

Both desktop and mobile sites are very impressive, simple to use and easy to understand. BetMGM also boasts a fantastic mobile app, allowing users to wager on the go, wherever you are.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook

Live Streaming Cash Out Partial Cash Out App Available

FanDuel started in the fantasy sports arena, but have quickly established themselves as one of the most popular online sports betting sites in every state in which they’ve gone live.

The range of markets they have on offer, including pre-match, live betting and futures options stand out from the competition. 

Their parlay betting section is also one of the best around, particularly for same-game parlays, which are surging in popularity worldwide. Given the strong range of parlay betting options, their cash out feature is excellent, allowing you to cash out your bets easily and quickly.

FanDuel sportsbook also rewards repeat players with some of the best existing customer specials you’ll find. Notable for both their generosity in how simple to understand and redeem they are.

3. Caesars

Live Streaming Cash Out Partial Cash Out App Available

The Caesars brand took over the William Hill online sportsbook in 2021 and it’s gone from strength to strength since then adding plenty of glitz and glamor to a big offering of sports and markets.

Caesar spoils you arguably the most eye-catching promos for new and existing customers of any US sports betting site. Their live betting section is one of the best out there, meaning their cash out feature is simple to find, and regularly updated. 

Finally, they also excel in providing mobile players with a fantastic mobile app and easy to use mobile site, allowing you to cash out your bets on the move. 

4. PointsBet

Live Streaming Cash Out Partial Cash Out App Available

With a simple and efficient online site, PointsBet is still a popular choice among bettors. Whilst not providing the same experience as FanDuel or Caesars, PointsBet offers a partial cash out, something that only BetMGM currently provides. 

Their simplicity is one of their main attractions, and it is very easy to use, meaning you’ll be able to cash out your bets should you want to. 

A fantastic mobile app is available, allowing quick access to your bet slips, meaning you can cash out with ease. 

5. WynnBET

Live Streaming Cash Out Partial Cash Out App Available

WynnBet’s cash out options are strong, but are limited to select pre-match markets, less compared to other sportsbooks. Nevertheless, users are still able to take control of their bets through the cash out feature, and you are able to find the cash out value easily in your betslip.

Despite not offering the range of markets other sites will offer, there is plenty there to get stuck into, and utilize a great new customer offer on the many sports available to bet on. 

6. BetRivers

Live Streaming Cash Out Partial Cash Out App Available

BetRivers similar parlay options to other sportsbooks, though one standout feature is the Jackpot Parlay. These are bet types with long odds because eight randomly selected bet options are sent to you. 

Initially operating as an online casino, BetRivers has impressively launched its own online sportsbook, and provides a fantastic experience for bettors in New York. 

Their welcome offer is strong, with similar offers available with other sportsbooks. BetRivers’ strengths come in their mobile app, which is one of the best in the sports betting industry, with live streaming and in-play wagering available. 

Despite only launching as a Sportsbook in 2020, BetRivers is still a safe option, and proves to be a good choice for new bettors. 

Benefits of Cash Out Betting Sites

There’re various benefits that come with using cash out betting sites. Here are the main benefits that the best betting sites with a cash out option have to offer:

Secure an early profit

If your betting strategy is to target profits, then using the cash out option to secure them can prove to be powerful. Imagine the pain you will go through when you lose a huge parlay bet just because your last selection failed. Cashing out such a wager will help you avoid this drama.

Cut Potential Losses

Luck is a huge factor in gambling. You can research and prepare for a bet well, only to see it destroyed by unusual occurrences such as freak injuries or bad referee mistakes. The cash out option allows you to have full control over variance since you can cut any potential losses or secure your profits.

It’s Easy and Simple

All sports betting platforms aim to offer easy processes when it comes to betting. Online cash out betting is one of the simplest procedures that offshore sportsbooks and betting apps offer. The cash out option is straightforward to use. In most cases, you will only need to press a button.

Also, you can take advantage of the auto cash out option that allows you to cash out your wager automatically. This is a great option for you since your request applies even if you aren’t online or logged into your account.

Cash Out Advantages and Disadvantages


Direct Profit – If you are in need of a quick refill of your account, or are not concerned over the full payout of the bet,  you can always cash out your wager. One of the best things about cashing out is that the money will go directly into your account, allowing you to withdraw, or place another bet.

Cash out before you lose – Your bet might be looking good for now, but if there is a big risk that things will change for the worse. For example, you’ve got a wager on the USMNT to win against Mexico. The US are leading 1-0, but then have a man sent off, and another player goes off injured. This would be a good time to use the cash out feature, as there’s more chance Mexico can come back and equalize.

Minimize your loss – If you look to have misjudged the analysis you made before the game then it might be worth cutting your losses and cashing out. Let’s say you’ve put $100 on the Buffalo Bills, but you later find out Josh Allen has been injured in the warmup. You may be offered a cash out of $80-$90, minimizing your loss should the Bill lose the game.


Low Value –
The betting companies always offer a lower value with Cash Out. So, if you frequently use the cash-out function you will lose money in the long haul.

Did you get it right?  Imagine you decide to cash out your bet as you don’t think your original bet can result in a win. It will hurt if it does – regret is often tougher than losing.

Less Fun – Using the cash-out function can lead to punters focusing on what amounts are offered by the betting sites to close the bet rather than on the game. You don’t have the same opportunity to appreciate a match, if you are continuously considering whether to close the bet or not.

Best Cash Out Betting Sites FAQs

Should you use the Cash Out option?

US Sportsbooks that offer bettors the chance to cash out for real money are now very prominent. When you have placed your bets with a sportsbook, you will likely have the opportunity to settle them before the action is over.

Even though cash out is incredibly popular, should you take the option if offered? Well, a lot depends on different factors that will play a role in your decision.

There are two significant benefits for sports bettors if they decide to utilize the cash out option. The first is that bettors can firmly secure their winnings without worrying about how the bet may end up.

Live sports events can dramatically change towards the end with twists and turns, so you reduce the variance by using cash out. It gives you some degree of control. Secondly, bettors mitigate losses if things are going particularly badly.

Losing a bet is never easy to take, but if you can take at least something the sportsbook offers, it is not a total loss.

Why does cash out get suspended?

The Cash out feature can be removed, or suspended when a live line is no longer available to wager on. This can happen during an event if say a goal is scored and this affects the outcome of your bet.

Which sportsbook offers the Cash Out Option?

All the sportsbooks mentioned in this piece offer the cash out option, meaning you are free to choose from any of the betting sites. 

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